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Samsø Energiakademi har besøg fra hollandsk studerende

I forbindelse med arbejdet med at optimere energiforbruget på Samsø er hollandske Rowan Boeters fra Delpth University på besøg i 3 uger.

Vi giver ordet til Rowan for at præsentere sig selv:

“Hi Samsø, I’m Rowan and I’m a Dutch student from Delft technical university doing a master thesis on demand side management solutions, applicable to Samsø. I do this thesis in cooperation with the province of Fryslan and the energy academy. My background is in environmental sciences and I’m currently studying Industrial ecology. For the next two and a half week I will be talking to different inhabitants of Samsø in order get a feel for the goals and involvement of people to the transitions on the Island. These interviews will help me determine important characteristics that are needed for reviewing measures in the toolbox of demand side management. Selecting the right measure from this toolbox may result in decreasing the energy consumption on Samsø. This selection will take place in Holland, but I will come back in January in order to organize a workshop at the energy academy in order to verify the applicability of the selected tools and promote implementation of these tools. You are all welcome to join this workshop and if you are interested in being interviewed, please let me know by e-mailing to .

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