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Watch the Samso story in Korean

There is no doubt that Samso is well known all over the world, in spite of the islands relatively small size.

The story of the Energy Island is told repeatedly all over the world. This time a Korean TV-station did a feature, and Samso is once again portrayed as an example to follow.

People with interest can watch the clip below. The spoken language is Korean though, so it might be a good idea to watch the clip with a dictionary and a bit of patience at hand.

Beomil, K


Green Post Korea.




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    [vimeo id="84212218"]


      Korean TV show visits Samsø and the Energy Academy — 24:00 to 29:00

      Item Type: Video

      Creators:Beomil, K
      Projects:Renewable Energy Island — Vedvarende Energi-Ø, Fossil Free Island — Fossilfri Ø, Samso Energy Academy — Samsø Energiakademi
      Date Deposited:15 Aug 2014 09:20
      Last Modified:16 Sep 2014 11:20

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