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Test yourself

Test dig selv

Samsø Energy Camp has discovered a very important challenge.

The challenge is between you and your everyday.

Use 2 minutes of your time on the Energy Academy questionnaire, and make a huge difference.

Test dig selv (danish)     –     Test yourself (English)

  • You are part of the sharing of important information with scientists from around the world
  • You take part in reducing your co2 emission
  • You increase attention on your habits, which will be beneficial for animals, plants, air and the earth

The 14 questions are divided into 4 parts:

  • You and your habits
  • You and your parents’ habits
  • You and your school plus your hobbies
  • You and your belief in the future

Your results from the questionnaire will only be used for further research in the attitude towards sustainable consumption among children and teenagers.


Test dig selv (danish)     –     Test your self (English)


Accommodations and Activities

Here is a link to the homepage of Samsø school camp association. On the site you can read more about accommodations and activities for school camps on Samsø and much more.