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The Samsø Energy Academy proposes an approach to the global challenge of climate change through local action based on the democratic principle of citizens’ participation and shared ownership.

While recognising the global challenge, communities can now “think locally, act locally” and work at the same time on energy transition and on their sustainability.

Such a solution has been successfully tested in the island of Samsø during the last 20 years and has helped create a more sustainable economy, and at the same time an international value and brand name for the island placing it as frontrunner in the global picture.

In October 2016, the Samsø Energy Academy, with the support of the KR Foundation, has joined forces with peers in Japan, Australia, and Maine and Hawaii in the United States, with the aim to demonstrate together the international dimension of community power.

The Tentou partnership aims to inspire communities around the world sharing the same principles to make a difference and formulate a new narrative for the global change of paradigm required to tackle climate change.

In a series of high level public events, international tours and workshops, Tentou shares information, exchanges good practices and provide capacity building for the strengthening and creation of new local community power hubs.

The hubs are meant to encourage cooperation among all stakeholders, citizens, businesses, public authorities, energy utilities, research and educational institutions, and become drivers for a community-based sustainable energy development.

Ultimately, Tentou’s vision is to expand further, achieve replication in other communities around the world and create enough leverage that would mainstream community power as a driver for the global energy transition.

One of the project partner has allredy the seed money on place

Hepburn wind community power

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